This is about my motorcycle accident

Riding motorcycles is considered dangerous.

The ride was thrilling. And beautiful.

The ride was thrilling. And beautiful.

Riding motorcycles on the Karakorum Highway – only the highest highway on the planet – is doubly dangerous. There were five of us, and I was following at number three. The rider up front is an accomplished rider, and knows how to take a sharp turn when he sees one. I was just learning from more experienced people.

We were almost lashing the motorbikes up the hill. It was thrilling and beautiful. Then on one turn, the road curved upwards more than I anticipated, the bike weighed down and I lost my balance. Before I knew it, metal grinding road, jarring sensation in my abdomen as the handle hit me hard on my chest, and I skidded – in freakin slow motion it seemed – to the other side of the mountain.

While sliding, I recalled my friend’s advice that “whenever you fall down from a bike, getting back up as soon as possible is the most important thing! Dont let fear set in,” he had said, hardly a day ago. Amazing how the mind produced this advice for me to chew on as I grinded to a halt on top of a mountain.

My knee had hit a cat’s eye as I slid. All bikers hate cat’s eyes. Had it not been for proper motorcycle protection, my knee cap would have disintegrated. And I got away with a bit of that red stuff on my knee, and a tetnus shot a day later (there even was a 1122 ambulance literally just passing by – God bless their souls!).

The road burned the kneepad, and somehow still managed to get to my knee!!

The road burned the kneepad, and somehow still managed to get to my knee!!

The ride continued as planned with only a few hours delay due to my accident and an ensuing stopover at the hospital.

It was one kneepad, costing me less than a 1000 bucks ($10). By God’ Grace, that kneepad did its job. I followed the advice of people who had done what I was trying to do, I used the required tool. I was not comfortable at it first (I always felt that it was not “manly” to wear protective gear, but my well-traveled friends insisted – and they used them all the time).

Taking advice from the right people, using the right tools, following the fast ones… I was doing everything right. I still fell. And that’s the point. By God’s Grace, I had those things to protect me.

In your business, are you using the right tools?

Are you following the right people? And this may be the most important question: are you going fast enough?

These are tough questions to ask. But these are good questions to ask.

Online selling is not For everyone – but it IS for you

I confess, selling online is a bit out of one’s comfort zone. That why you’d grow so quickly once you try to APPLY principles of psychology to sell ethically and honestly.

Over the last 10+ years, after selling a variety of items, from milk to generators, from cakes to design services, from online courses to websites… I have been blessed to be following the right people, and have been using the right tools. And sometimes, going fast enough without falling as hard.

I want to teach you those technologies too. That don’t cost that much, but help you tremendously. Strategies that once in place can help your business grow like crazy.

In this free class, we unravel the strategies that teach:

Learn the strategies of selling online

Learn the strategies of selling online

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I wish you nothing but the best,

God bless.


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